Lenskart Launches

Forget the frustration of glasses constantly slipping down because Lenskart, the eyewear innovator, has dropped its latest game-changer: The Pro-Fit range by Lenskart Air and Hooper.

For years, Eyewearers have faced a common problem: the struggle to keep their eyewear in place without interrupting their flow. The Pro-Fit range is set out to create a solution for those who are always on the move.

It is crafted from ultra-light TR90 and features Lock-Tech. The frames have temple tips that adjust to securely grip your ears, keeping your glasses firmly in place. No more mid-flow adjustments – just pure focus on whatever you’re hustling for.

Pro fit caters to everyone. Whether you’re mastering yoga poses, crushing dance routines, or casually chilling with your friends. With sleek, sporty silhouettes and classic colors accented with vibrant pops, there’s a pair in the Pro-Fit collection that complements your style and keeps your vision clear, no matter your age.

Lenskart continues to set new standards in eyewear, ensuring that those on the move can enjoy without any distractions from their glasses. Embrace the freedom of movement