25th June 2024 Mumbai  Maharashtra, India Legrand’s 25 Zip Stores, Bringing Innovative Electrical Solutions Closer to Customers The Zip stores provide enhanced customer engagement and access to Legrand’s innovative electrical solutions across key locations in India

Legrand, a worldwide pioneer in electrical and digital building infrastructures, proudly announces the milestone of crossing 25 new Zip stores, marking a significant revolution in its expansion strategy. These stores, situated in key locations across India such as Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Raipur, Bilaspur, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Bengaluru, Chennai, Tiruppur, Cochin, Erode, Patna and Madurai, serve as vital points of contact where customers can directly engage with Legrand’s wide array of products and services.

Legrand’s 25 Zip Stores

The Legrand Zip Showroom introduces a unique concept, seamlessly merging convenience with an engaging product experience. The term “Zip” encapsulates speed, efficiency, and compactness, providing customers with a smooth and effortless chance to discover Legrand’s diverse product range.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The Zip stores are designed to offer customers a comprehensive shopping experience, providing access to Legrand’s innovative and reliable electrical solutions. Visitors can explore a curated range of products including Digital Infrastructure, Cable Management Systems, Lighting Management Solutions, Door Phones, Home Automation, User Interfaces (UI), Switches, and Electrical Infrastructure such as power protection and busbars. Each store is equipped with product demos, new product launches, and a dedicated space for showcasing home automation and protection solutions.

Commitment to Customer-Centricity

“The opening of 25+ Zip stores underscores our commitment to enhancing customer experience by providing convenient access to our products and services,” said Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director of Marketing, Group Legrand India. “At Legrand Zip, we’re transforming the way customers shop for electrical products. It offers more than just products; it’s a space where knowledge and technology converge, providing a unique value proposition.”

Strategic Growth and Market Presence

This expansion aligns with Legrand’s overarching strategy to prioritize customer-centricity, drive growth, and strengthen its market presence. By enhancing accessibility and providing hands-on experiences with its products, Legrand aims to better serve its customers while positioning the company for continued success in the market.

Supporting Local Communities

The opening of these stores plays a crucial role in supporting local electricians and consultants by offering training and enhancing their knowledge of actual products. This initiative is part of Legrand’s ongoing effort to foster community growth and development.

Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director of Marketing, Group Legrand India, said, “The achievement of 25+ Zip stores demonstrates our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experience by providing convenient access to Legrand’s extensive range of products and services. At Legrand Zip, we’re transforming the way customers shop for electrical solutions. Our stores offer more than just products; they serve as a hub where knowledge and technology converge, creating a unique value proposition for our customers.”

Mr. Laxman Tari Head of Brand & Digital Business, Group Legrand India, said, “The opening of 25+ new Zip stores marks a significant milestone in bringing Legrand’s innovative solutions closer to our customers. These stores offer an immersive experience to interact with and learn about our latest products. Alongside our Innoval and Studio locations, which focus on technical training and design integration, we are committed to providing valuable resources and superior service, ensuring access to the best in electrical and digital building infrastructures.”

The Zip stores demonstrate a dedication to enhancing the retail experience by allowing customers to connect with cutting-edge products conveniently and engagingly. In addition to the ZIP stores, Legrand has Innoval and Studio locations around India, to improve the client experience by delivering valuable resources tailored to various aspects of electrical and digital building infrastructures. Innoval and Studio focus on technical training and innovation while also emphasizing design and aesthetic integration.