Mumbai,14th June 2024: KDM, the leading lifestyle & mobile accessories brand in India, has launched its T20 Cricket World Cup campaign, “KDM Bharat Ka Charger” to enhance the cricketing experience by ensuring mobile phones stay charged with KDM mobile phone chargers.

Today, mobile phones are ‘Devices of Growth’, contributing to the country’s economy, and no one charges mobiles like KDM chargers. KDM is hence really Bharat Ka Charger, charging both your mobile and the economy.

KDM charger featuring Kinetic Dynamic Mobile Charging Testing Technology (KDM-T Technology) is 100% indigenous product designed and made in India to elevate the ultimate cricket-watching experience.

“The evolution of mobile phones has dramatically transformed the world,” said N D Mali, Founder of KDM. “Originally tools for communication and convenience, they have now become pivotal in digitization, enabling online payments, e-commerce, remote learning, and virtual collaboration. With entertainment shifting to OTT platforms, mobile phones continue to drive innovation and digital accessibility. KDM is dedicated to empowering Bharat with our chargers, enhancing the cricket-watching experience and keeping phones powered during matches and online activities.”

B H Suthar, Co-Founder of KDM added, “KDM Bharat Ka Charger campaign, along with the launch of our special charger, reflects our dedication to providing the best possible experience for cricket, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, literacy, education, and digital accessibility. We are committed to maintaining our essential role in various sectors.”