8th July 2024  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India  Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, announces the launch of TrueTalks Community to connect and engage with people across the world. The community serves as a platform to bring together Truecaller users to interact with each other, share feedback, post suggestions for new features, get notified about the latest scams, get instant support with their problems, learn more about Truecaller, and even share their personal experiences.

Anyone can become a member of the community by signing up with a valid email address and display name. You do not need to be a Truecaller user to join TrueTalks, however, our 383 Million+ Truecaller users can instantly access TrueTalks from a shortcut within the app. Among others, community content is designed to raise awareness about the brand offerings, talk about the best way to protect yourself from unwanted communication or even connect you directly with several Truecaller executives.

As the person responsible for building and growing the community, Rohit Ghalsasi, the Community Manager at Truecaller said, “We have been testing TrueTalks with a few thousand members and I am excited to see the level of conversations already. Our aim is to engage with our users more effectively, gather insights to enhance our existing product, and create a platform for information exchange about the latest scams and new trends in technology. I welcome everyone to join TrueTalks and make the most of it.”

Truecaller has been responsive to thousands of user queries irrespective of the mediums daily with the help of a robust customer support team. Now with the community platform users from across the globe can interact with our teams and other members to share ideas, insights, problems, and much more. TrueTalks is currently available in English only, however, we will be adding support for additional languages soon.