Psychology and influencers

Psychology plays an important role when it comes to human beings. We as humans are the best example of habits, where some patterns are wired in our brains. Influencers have always kept in mind that these wires get intervened a little bit.

Nowadays, the digital world has several ideas and techniques for inherent human traits to reach out to them and give them what they are actually looking for. We intend to look up to our favorite influencers and aspire toward them with positive feelings. We not only follow their opinions but also build our trust and relationship with them indirectly. Social media has had this tendency to persuade us towards more intelligent and competent people as compared to others. There has been a normal phenomenon where our fondness for them increases as we feel there are things that are relatable and we find comfort in them.

“Fitting in” is the imperative thought that goes in our mind which at times leads us to follow the dynamics and hampers our actual needs and responsibilities that we have as an individual.

Idea of “fitting in” in a relationship

Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though talk efficiently about these trends and how we can neglect this trend of “Fitting in” and create magical moments with our loved ones not only this Valentine’s but also in the upcoming years ahead. This couple talks about the daily hurdles of love life.

“Not everything you see on social media is reality, but it’s about our willingness to be inspired and love our partner unconditionally only then can miracles occur. Comparing your relationship with the influencers is the biggest hurdle toward these magical moments to happen. We tend to be egoistic and raise our expectations seeing this fantasy world, but the reality is one should keep their expectations low so that when you get the unexpected gesture you really see these magical moments happen” says Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur.

Keeping things original is better than having a copied version:

Following influencers and somewhere copying them has become a trend, but little do we know that these are the copied gestures. Your feelings for the person you love should come from within and not ideated from somewhere else. They also add “Moments are not created they just happen with the gratitude shown, love given, and action taken”

Acknowledging influencers and aspiring to become like them is something where the narrative should be changed. We should know where to draw the line between a world where everything is “Lovey-Dovey” and a world where you face the hurdles of holding your partner’s hand and winning the race.

That Couple Though – Influencers and Psychology…