India’s Sleep Snore Card by Centuary Mattresses on World Sleep Day reveals 85% of people have woken up from sleep due to their partner’s snoring

Centuary Mssesattre

Mumbai, 18 March 2023: To adjudge and evaluate how Indians perceive the importance of sleep quality, Centuary Mattresses, a leading mattress brand in India, conducted a comprehensive survey on the occasion of World Sleep Day. The theme for World Sleep Day for 2023 is ‘Sleep Is Essential for Health’. The survey revealed that 70% of respondents are bothered by their partner’s snoring.

As per India’s Sleep Snore Card survey, about 7 in 10 couples have ended up waking up their partners at least once in the same sleep cycle due to snoring. Around 7 in 10, couples have also recorded their partner’s snoring, and 32% of married couples feel that their partner’s snoring is similar to the sound of a motorcycle.

India’s Sleep Snore Card survey was conducted among more than 2700 respondents in the age group 27 to 50 years from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Patna, and Guwahati.

The survey highlighted that 67% of the respondents felt that snoring could be linked with a tired day of work and has a little link with health considerations and sleep quality. Furthermore, around 45% of people linked snoring with obesity. There were other factors, such as most people (around 55%) believing that snoring can be tackled with simple remedies without changing the surroundings.

However, many factors showed how Indians have started to look at the importance of sleep quality through mutual discussions to change their lifestyles and sleeping habits. For instance, 36% of the people acknowledged the importance of having the correct mattress and pillow for sound sleep. Also, 71% of people agreed to talk about the snoring issue with their partners.

The importance of sleep quality and the negative impact of snoring on an individual’s health has been agreed upon by the medical fraternity.

Commenting on the outcomes of the survey, UttamMalani, Executive Director at Centuary Mattresses, said, “The survey results are a wake-up call for people to take sleep issues such as snoring seriously as it can impact both health issues and interpersonal relationships. Poor quality of sleep and its impact on health and interpersonal relationships are ignored, which can have long-term implications. With this survey on World Sleep Day, our goal is to increase awareness about the issues plaguing people’s sleep. We are doing our bit in helping people sleep better by providing them with good sleep enabling products with *antimicrobial treated mattresses and pillows* to improve sleep quality”[aP6]

Commenting on the myths related to snoring and quality sleep, Dr.JagdishChaturvedi, Nose, and Sinus Surgeon in Bengaluru, said, “The survey clearly shows that more people are aware of their sleep issues such as snoring problem and accepting it as well. It is high time that people start addressing this problem with doctor interventions. In the long term, not taking the doctor’s advice on snoring can have other health implications.”

Century Products are antimicrobial treated which is approved by the National Health Academy making its quality better for sleep requirements.

Apart from the generic habits, the survey helped understand how people ignore the critical value of surroundings for a comfortable sleep. The survey also suggested that women from Tier II cities have a more comfortable sleep as compared to other respondents.

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