27th June 2024  New Delhi, Delhi, India Superplum has launched its Lychee season as the Indian states of West Bengal and Bihar hit peak production. The company’s cleaned & destemmed packs are now available across multiple cities and will be available internationally soon.

Superplum- Modern Lychee Supply Chain

India is the world’s second-largest producer of Lychees and Indian varieties have a uniquely delicate flavour and complexity. However, up to 50 percent of the country’s production of this delicate fruit goes to waste due to poor supply chains.

Superplum’s modern supply chain is dedicated to keeping the delicious fruits fresh from the farm to the consumer, even if she is 3,000 km away. The litchis are chilled, trimmed, cleaned, and packed directly at the farm, ensuring they retain their natural flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. By eliminating the need for sulphation-i.e., the use of sulfates to extend the shelf life of the fruit, Superplum ensures its litchis are safe to eat, pesticide-tested, and of the highest quality. As with any Superplum product, consumers can scan the QR code and view the farm their Lychees came from as well as check the farm’s pesticide test reports.

The brand’s lychees are available in Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai across multiple online channels including Zepto, Amazon Fresh, Blinkit, and Otipy. Consumers can order directly at Superplum as well on shop.superplum.com. They are also available at Star Bazaar, Spar, Lulu, Modern Bazaar, and your favorite neighborhood food stores. The company will also soon start introducing Indian Lychees in the global market.

The lowering of wastage and broadening access to consumers also allows the company to improve the realizations for growers. The company works extensively with farmers to improve product quality and improve harvesting practices to ensure lower wastage and higher incomes.