India Energy Storage Alliance

New Delhi; 14.04.2023: The Indian energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation towards a clener and more sustainable future, and IESA believes that women have a critical role to play in driving this transition. The G20 EMPOWER 2023 under India’s presidency is prioritizing the shift from women’s development to women-led development. With a mission to ‘Empower Women, Empower the Energy Sector’, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) will announce its ‘Women in Energy’ initiative at IESW 2023, to address the apparent gender gap in the energy sector. The initiative aims  at promoting the inclusion of women in shaping the future of the clean tech and green energy sector.

Gender disparity in the energy sector remains a harsh reality, with only one in five leadership roles in the industry held by women, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2022. In an effort to address this pressing issue, the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has created a unique platform for women in the industry to connect, collaborate and support each other. Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President of India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) & Customized Energy Solutions India, said: “India is utilizing the G20 Presidency for bringing together global cooperation for sustainable growth and has brought focus on women-led inclusive development agenda. The underrepresentation of women in the field of new energies, and the various barriers to entry and growth, are issues that need deliberation. The energy sector needs diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and a more inclusive approach to decision-making, to thrive in the rapidly evolving market. We believe that the energy transition should have equal opportunities for both men and women. At IESW 2023, we are committed to enabling women and promoting their participation in the energy sector.”

The Indian government has also taken various initiatives to encourage the participation of women in the energy industry. The Women’s Empowerment Scheme, for instance, aims to provide skill development and training programs for women in the renewable energy sector. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy launched the Women of Renewable Energy (WRE) program to promote the participation of women in the sector.

Emphasizing on the intent of the initiative, Ashok Thakur, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Customised Energy Solutions (CES) said, “Women in Energy at IESW will set the context for successive meetings and knowledge-sharing paving the way for a new transition process that the future holds for women in the energy space. This will also offer a unique opportunity for women

leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from the energy storage and clean technology sector to showcase their achievements and contributions.”

The IESW 2023 will feature exclusive Women in Energy Summit that will bring together prominent women leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss key issues related to gender diversity in the energy sector. The platform is expected to create a robust ecosystem that nurtures equality in gender inclusion, and enables women to open new doors of success and change. Women in Energy is a great opportunity to promote the achievements of women in the energy sector and to recognize the contributions they make to a more sustainable future.