Hyderabad based founders

Hyderabad, India, February 28th, 2023: Hyderabad-based founders of Future CIO Club (www.futurecioclub.com), have announced the launch of new leadership skills training programs for young and experienced techies based in India, who aspire to fast-track their professional careers. This training program is designed to empower passionate professionals with the strategies and tools necessary to improve their confidence, technology, management, leadership skills, and business acumen to climb the corporate ladder.

Aimed at aiding interested individuals, the Future CIO Club also offers certain free courses which will help techies learn the leadership language and to showcase their readiness for the promotion they deserve. Program modules will help learn nuances of the trade and to sound smart and strategic with the right or pointed questions for any business transformation projects. A variety of programs are on offer for free too which will help future leaders become great data management and data analytical professionals.

Commenting on the program, Mr. Raj P. Varada, Co-founder, of Future CIO Club said, “While Indian technology practitioners play a prominent role as leaders across various top-notch IT companies in the United States of America and around the World, there are millions of techies who struggle to remain in the industry due to lack of required skill set. Even if Indian techies are good as project executors, there are few in leadership roles in multi-national IT giants. And the Future CIO Club aims at bridging this gap and enable promising Indian techies to acquire the necessary skills to dominate the technology leadership spectrum.”

“Abilities to work collaboratively across teams while coordinating technology operations, digital transformations, client support, change management strategies, etc., will be put to test when an individual grows in career. And acquiring these much-needed skills is a must for those who want to scale greater heights in their careers; and various free and paid programs offered by the Future CIO Club help aspiring techies emerge stronger on these fronts,” added Mr. Srikanth Lingidi, Co-founder, Future CIO Club.

The Future CIO Club is run by leaders with a combined industry leadership experience of 100+ years. Individuals associated with the Future CIO Club had in the past worked as CIOs, CTOs, Vice Presidents (Technology), and even as C-suite advisors to various IT giants in the United States of America. Passed out of top schools like MIT Sloan, Ross Business, Duke, and IIT, these leaders are certified in many industry-proven and well-recognized programs. These leaders have not just enabled 1000+ professionals to reach director or higher profiles, the have also played a socially responsible role to promote technology education among the under-represented sections of society.

FutureCIOClub is dedicated to offering CIO mentoring to eager IT professionals and executives with the introduction of its imaginative program. The freshly launched program provides signature courses that are packed with comprehensive details on important subjects such as Ultimate IT Leadership, Digital Transformation Unpacked to Mastery, Strategy Language for IT Leaders, Agile Frameworks for Enterprise Agility, and more.