GreenLine BLNG pic

India, 3rd  March 2023: GreenLine Logistics (Green Planet Logistics Pvt Ltd.), India’s first and only LNG-fueled heavy trucking logistics company, has entered into an LNG supply agreement with Baidyanath LNG Private Limited (BLNG).

GreenLine Logistics has currently deployed its LNG fleet with leading cement manufacturers for inbound and outbound transportation of raw materials as well as finished products. The company plans to deploy ~1,600 LNG trucks by March 2024. These state-of-the-art LNG trucks, manufactured by Blue Energy Motors, reduce CO2 emissions by ~28%, translating to emission reduction of ~24 ton CO2 per truck per annum, compared to conventional diesel trucks. Over GreenLine’s planned fleet of ~1,600 LNG trucks by March 2024, this adds up to a significant reduction of 38,400 ton CO2 per year.

BLNG is building a network of LNG refueling stations on key trucking routes across the strategically placed Vidarbha district of Maharashtra.

Commenting on the association, Anand Mimani, CEO, GreenLine Logistics, said, “We are pleased to enter into this arrangement with BLNG for LNG supply for our heavy trucking fleets, enabling rapid scale-up of our operating routes for faster decarbonisation of heavy trucking in the region. As the preferred partner of many leading corporates for lower emission trucking, we are investing heavily to enable this transition. Given the higher order of magnitude of a range of toxic emissions from heavy trucking, it is crucial for corporates to focus on reducing emissions from this aspect of their business operations.”

Commenting on this initiative, Vaddadi Subbarao, CEO, BLNG, said, “Taking forward the initiatives by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, for promoting LNG as automotive fuel for clean Nagpur and Vidarbha, we are delighted to enter into this agreement with GreenLine Logistics. This agreement provides us with an added impetus in our mission to create a wide network of these LNG stations across Vidarbha district. We look forward to enabling GreenLine’s mission of decarbonizing heavy trucking by ensuring uninterrupted LNG supply on its key trucking routes.”

GreenLine Logistics is on a mission to decarbonize heavy trucking in India and is paving the way for widespread adoption of LNG fueled long haul trucks by showcasing its immense advantages for corporates. GreenLine has collaborated with multiple organisations to create India’s first & only integrated green logistics ecosystem to make LNG trucking a reality in India.