New Delhi, 12th September 2023: Over the years, CBSE has revamped its exam structure to become more focused on testing competency and high-order thinking skills in students. This has been reflected in all the Board Papers in recent years.

To equip students better in preparing for these new and challenging typologies of Questions, for the last 2 years, CBSE has been providing ‘Additional Practice Questions’ on their official website for classes 10th & 12th along with Marking Scheme Answers. On 8th September, CBSE released the Additional Practice Question set for the 2023-24 academic session.

These questions, accompanied by marking scheme answers, are designed to align with the evolving exam structure and provide students with a deeper understanding of crucial concepts and typologies. This article delves into the details of these practice questions, their significance, and how they benefit students in their board exam preparation.

The style of questions in the practice set is the same as the new and revised Board Sample Papers released on 31st March & 7th August respectively. As per the official blueprint of the CBSE Sample Papers, 50% competency-based questions will be asked in the 2023-24 Exam (refer to the screenshot below)

The recently released set of Additional Practice Questions will give the students a greater insight into the most important concepts and typologies for the upcoming boards. Students will evaluate their understanding of different topics and identify areas where they need improvement. While these Practice questions are typically designed to mimic the format and difficulty level of actual board exams, the blueprint in the boards will be as per the Board sample Papers released earlier. With a wide universe of questions, the students will get a chance to be well-prepared for the Boards, reducing anxiety and boosting performance.

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It’s important to note that there have been no changes in the Sample Question Paper Pattern provided by CBSE. Students can rely on these official resources to prepare effectively for their examinations.

Swaati Jain, Editor-In-Chief, Oswaal Books, shared her enthusiasm about these resources, stating, “We are dedicated to supporting students in their educational journey. Our carefully curated Question Banks and access to official Sample Question Papers aim to empower students with the tools they need to excel in their board exams.”

She also expressed her deep concern for the fake news being spread through paid articles, petty YouTube influencers, and unknown WhatsApp numbers stating that a new Sample Paper has been released by CBSE. These have been doing rounds with misleading headlines like “BAD NEWS, PATTERN CHANGED”. This kind of malicious news is instilling unnecessary fear among students and teachers alike.

The newly released set of Additional Practice Questions serves as a valuable resource for students preparing for the upcoming board exams. They offer students a deeper insight into crucial concepts and question typologies, enabling them to assess their understanding of various topics. These practice questions are meticulously designed to replicate the format and difficulty level of actual board exams, helping students become more familiar with the examination environment. Importantly, these questions align with the blueprint provided in the board’s Sample Papers, ensuring that students are well-prepared and less anxious about the board exams.

In addition to the CBSE’s official resources, Oswaal Books has stepped in to provide further support to students. Oswaal Books offers curated Question Banks for both 10th and 12th grades, incorporating the latest Additional Practice Questions. These resources are available on all e-commerce sites, making them easily accessible to students nationwide. Moreover, Oswaal Books offers access to CBSE Sample Question Papers for both grades, ensuring students have access to comprehensive study material.

The release of Additional Practice Questions along with the CBSE Sample Papers will surely give the required impetus to every student to ace their Board preparations. Hence, with the latest insights given by CBSE and the unwavering commitment of Oswaal Books, students can look forward to a more confident and successful academic year.