Gear up to explore the wonders of science at Infiniti Mall with the fun, quirky and exciting FabLabShow

One of the leading retail destinations of the city, Infiniti Mall is gearing up to host 2 days of pure entertainment and fun learning with FabLabShow creating an enthusiastic atmosphere for children to engage and learn through a series of engrossing science experiments and demonstrations.

The FabLabShow will feature a human host accompanied by the witty, clever robot host – CHYP, charming the audience with their humorous interactions and exciting demonstrations. Experiments on varied topics such as centrifugal, centripetal forces, gravity, rice friction, book friction, air pressure and much more will be performed. The show is set to deliver a fascinating experience, leaving the audience with a sense of curiosity and urge to learn.


Date: 10th and 11th June, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 4:45 PM onwards

Venue: Infiniti Mall, Malad (W)

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