Embark on a Global Culinary

Witness the blend of flavours with the Street Food Expedition at Conrad Pune’s Coriander Kitchen. An expedition of 10 days to experience the global culinary traditions & bold street food flavours from across the globe. Serve your senses with some amazing aromas through the live counter cooking.

Savour the authentic flavours of Middle Eastern street foods like Arabian Shawarma, where tender marinated meat is expertly grilled or the traditional Malakeesh, a popular flatbread topped with a variety of ingredients. The Mexican station promises to offer lip-smacking burrito bowls and other Mexican street food items. Furthermore, Indulge in Indian flavours through our “Streets of India” Station where there are numerous options like Dilli ke Chole Bhature, Tangra Station, Kothu Paratha and Chaat Station. Lastly, don’t forget to tantalize your taste buds with our Far East Menu which has options like Som tam salad, Pad Thai, Burmese Khao suey, Hainanese chicken and Singaporean noodles.

Indulge in a feast of vibrant flavours and cultural delights as Conrad Pune’s Coriander Kitchen presents the Street Food Expedition from June 7th to 16th, exclusively during dinner hours. This unique dining experience invites you to explore the rich and diverse street food cultures from around the world, all brought together under one roof for an unforgettable culinary journey.