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Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is an award-winning international fiction and non-fiction Writer, a Short-Filmmaker and the Curator & Founder/Director of two international festivals – Pune International Literary Festival and International Festival of Spiritual India (for Humanity & Wisdom).

Destination Thriller as the genre has been a unique initiation by Dr Prabhu in the world of Indian mysteries and thrillers. It not just portrays a place as a backdrop but uses it like a live character playing a very significant role in the progress and plot of the novel. In other words, the story and the mystery would not take place if the destination is removed from the plot.

Prabhu’s 19th work and the third in this series has just been released and is titled Legend of the Snow Queen. A psychological suspense destination novel, set against a Christmassy, Bavarian winter-wonderland, Legend of the Snow Queen blurs the boundaries of truth and imagination and is a haunting love story. It is the third work in the unique ‘Re Parkar series’. Re Parkar is a Private Investigator from Paris, France with the unique ability to foresee a disaster. His parapsychological prowess enables him to unravel the intricate conspiracies and dark secrets behind crimes of all sorts.

Prabhu’s first two novels in this unique ‘Re Parkar series’ were based in (The Trail of Four) in Salzburg, Austria, and (Voice of the Runes) in Lund, Sweden respectively. They received immense positive responses from readers the world over.

Hon. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, a Member of Parliament and erudite Author graced the occasion and launched this novel. Incidentally, he graciously stated earlier that the world has found a match for Dan Brown in Dr Manjiri Prabhu. Dr. Alka Pande, Historian and noted Art & Festival Curator was in conversation with both of them during the festival.