27th June 2024  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  To ensure better clinical decisions, and improved patient outcomes, DocMode – India’s leading medical online learning platform – has launched AIDE, a groundbreaking global solution for doctors and healthcare professionals.

“After over 24 months of rigorous clinical testing & feedback with 600+ doctors, we are excited to introduce “AIDE” which stands for “Assistant for Improved Decision-making with Evidence in Healthcare”. This AI-driven tool plays a key role in decision-making,” said Hans Lewis, DocMode Founder, and CEO.

AIDE, according to Lewis, is an innovative tool that will continue to evolve with multimodal achievements ensuring better patient care and outcomes worldwide. “We see AIDE being adopted in various countries, becoming the go-to digital medical library,” he added.

Lately, the focus has been on the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) given the fact that it is the foundation for patient care by providing evidence-based differential diagnosis options, evidence-based research support, and information about the standard of care guidelines. CDSS supports physicians in understanding drug interactions and adverse event reports. Also, prioritize critical alerts, and minimize the use of disruptive alerts from non-critical indications.

CDSS can be very cost-effective for the health system, especially for low-income and middle-income countries. This would support doctors who are in a low resource setting.

AIDE – the AI-powered CDSS platform helps in better decisions and outcomes and could be applied in different areas of medical science.

Origin story of AIDE is interesting, DocMode built AIDE to address unanswered questions from their Continuing Medical Education webinars and asynchronized courses due to time constraints and subject matter experts’ busy schedules. By leveraging generative AI, AIDE provides timely answers from reliable sources, enhancing the learning experience and offering personalized support. From this AIDE evolved to assisting doctors in gathering evidence to their practice as a Clinical Discussion Support Tool, elevating medical education and patient care.

AIDE, which leverages medical databases encompassing clinical guidelines, research papers, and case studies to analyze patient data has emerged as a forerunner in India’s CDSS category due to its transformative potential, informs Lewis.

The tool generates accurate diagnostic suggestions and information. As a flagship in large language modeling, healthcare experts say AIDE is trained on 16 million PubMed datasets, and real-world data to deliver personalized medical responses.

“Imagine having a vast medical library instantly at your fingertips, to make the best possible decisions with credible medical information, AIDE is truly a big leap and a revolutionary step,” Dr. Sanjit added.

An established leader in healthcare AIDE’s parent company DocMode, has a global reputation for delivering solutions in continued medical education and research.

DocMode in partnership with several medical associations has over 400,000 registered healthcare professionals on its Learning and Research platform, docmode.org.

“Support of a seasoned team and professional backing of healthcare professionals place AIDE at the forefront of technological innovation. AIDE is a 100% homegrown product,” claimed Lewis.

Since its beta launch, it is learned, that over 900 healthcare professionals have signed up voluntarily, and seamlessly integrated the system into their daily routines, workflows, and learning practices.

AIDE CDSS tool is now commercially available, and within a short span of the product’s launch over 3500 paid users signed up making use of AIDE which is a user-friendly interface, with purpose-driven features, and value-driven pricing.

“AIDE represents a significant leap forward in clinical decision support. Moving forward, our team will ensure that AIDE evolves to provide increasingly sophisticated support,” assured Paulson Paul, Founder MD, and Head of the AIDE Project.

According to Paul, DocMode is constantly working with various doctors and will have releases for every specialty. AIDE, he said, can currently read lab reports and summarize important points, saving specialists valuable time.

“This will enable them to spend more face-to-face time with patients, which in turn will increase their efficiency. Cutting-edge tools like AIDE drives our growth even while empowering doctors worldwide,” said Paul.

DocMode is currently collaborating with various hospitals to install AIDE-CDSS in their electronic medical records. “Improving decentralized clinical research, through AIDE and supporting the industry for easy-to-use, cost-effective, AIDE integrated solutions to manage clinical data is our priority,” said Dr. Merin Dickson, Head of DocMode Clinical Research and Development.