Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, it is still an ideal time to surprise your partner and show them how much you value them. While showering them with love and attention is highly recommended, giving them a personal keepsake that is also quite useful for them is an important way to show your love and care. These gifts don’t have to be extravagant or big; even small, meaningful, and useful things go a long way.

Here is a list of some gift items that can be unique and useful gifts for your partners:

  1. IGP’s Personalised LED Speaker

IGP’s Personalised LED Speaker

IGP’s “Personalized LED Speaker” is the perfect accessory to set up a romantic ambience with good music and flattering lighting. This speaker comes with touch sensitivity, a charging port, and an AUX port. Bluetooth connectivity is quick and easy for all devices. It also has touch buttons to control audio playback. The website lets you personalise the lamp by adding your picture to it, making it a cute gift to give to your loved one as a keepsake.

This speaker is available on IGP’s website at Rs. 795.

  • Lyne’s Lance 4 Smart Watch

Lyne’s Lance 4 Smart Watch

Lyne’s Lancer 4 smartwatch is the perfect gift for a couple that is always on the go. The watch comes with a 1.75-inch HD screen and a battery that lasts for a long time. The watch is also equipped with Bluetooth to make calls, get phone notification alerts, and use the “Find My Phone” function. It is waterproof up to IP68, has a step counter, and a full health assessment system that measures and keeps track of your vitals, such as your heart rate, body temperature, and stress levels. Additionally, this smartwatch has a unique sedentary reminder function that monitors your body’s MET levels and alerts you when you should get up and walk around. With all of these features and a bright colour range, this smartwatch is an excellent gift choice to give to your partner.

This Lancer 4 smartwatch is available at Rs. 1999.

  • ARTIOS Painting Kit for Adults

ARTIOS Painting Kit for Adults

Whether you are an artist or not, everyone has a creative side to themselves. It is even better to explore that side with your loved ones. Everything you need is in this 95-piece painting kit, including 7 handmade paint brushes in a brush holder, 2 canvas boards, 48 cartridge papers, a sponge, 48 watercolour papers, a wooden easel stand, and a handmade wooden palette. The sheets can be used with nearly any type of paint, making them perfect for paintings using acrylic, gouache, ink, oil, or watercolour. To ensure that you receive all the happiness in one single bundle, this set comes in a durable box. Overall, it makes for a perfect activity to do with your partner.

This art set can be availed for Rs. 1795 from Amazon.

Odd Giraffe’s Begonia Wellness Journal

Odd Giraffe’s Begonia Wellness Journal

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to manage stress and gain clarity. Journals are becoming a very popular and thoughtful gift lately. It’s a sweet way of showing care for someone without making it overwhelming. These guided wellness journals by Odd Giraffe are a cute gift for someone who enjoys scribbling their thoughts down and has a creative side. This 208-page journal has 192 unique self-care prompts and 16 blank pages for when you want to go at your own pace. It is easy to carry and fill in every day and would make for a perfect gift to keep someone in check- mentally and physically.

This cute Old Giraffe Wellness Journal can be availed at Rs. 1599.