9th July 202 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  Shameer Tandon’s Music Boutique, a leader in innovative brand solutions, has reshaped perceptions of hygiene with its groundbreaking Savlon Swasth India mission for ITC Savlon alongside Ogilvy. The exceptional work by Music Boutique, Shameer Tandon’s creative production house led the brand to victory with three gold awards in the categories of Viral Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Best Video/Visual Content at the Brand Disruption Awards by ET Brand Equity.

The Savlon Swasth India Mission was designed to tackle the issue of hand hygiene, particularly among children in smaller towns. It aimed to transform handwashing before eating from a mundane chore to a trendy habit. Through a collaboration with India’s renowned gully rapper Emiway Bantai, Shameer Tandon’s Music Boutique creatively conceived the song and curated the audio and video. A rap song and music video that not only entertained but also educated viewers on the importance of handwashing.

Shameer Tandon, the creative force behind the campaign, expressed his delight at the campaign’s success. “After receiving the brief from the ITC Savlon team and their agency Ogilvy, we creatively curated the lyrics, music and the video with a clear goal in mind: to start a movement that would resonate with audiences and drive meaningful change. The Savlon Swasth India Mission aims to promote good hygiene practices, particularly among children in smaller towns, making it more than just a campaign—it’s a transformative initiative.”

The campaign’s impact extended beyond just winning awards; it sparked conversations and inspired action, making handwashing a cool and essential habit. The campaign’s success is a testament to Shameer Tandon’s Music Boutique’s commitment to creating innovative brand solutions with a unique focus on music that resonates with audiences.

Shameer Tandon’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by a series of groundbreaking projects that have redefined brand solutions. From creating India’s first transgender band, the 6-Pack Band for Brooke Bond Red Label, to championing inclusivity with a band featuring members on the mental health spectrum, Shameer Tandon has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards.