Crime meets comedy

Mumbai,6th October 2023 – Amazon miniTV, a free video streaming service from Amazon, unveiled the trailer of its latest cop-comedy drama, Constable Girpade, created by award-winning writer-director, Saad Khan. The trailer gives an insight into Constable Girpade’s thrilling journey filled with twists, turns and laughter that will certainly keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The series brings together an ensemble cast including Khushaal Pawar, Neel Salkar, Vrajesh Hirjee, Gaurav Gera, Muskan Bamne, Dr. Sanket Bhosale and Chandni in pivotal roles.

Constable Girpade (Khushaal Pawar) and Phenyl Mohan (Gaurav Gera), the master of disguise, engage in a cat-and-mouse game throughout the series, which is filled with humorous moments and adventure. The trailer gives a glimpse of the hilarious characters in the series, ready to take viewers on an adventure, solving wildest cases dealing with complex and unpredictable rich folks. Girpade is caught in the middle of all the drama while attempting to catch Phenyl Mohan, fulfil his obligations, and confess his love.

Produced by FirstAction Studios (A Rainshine Entertainment Company), Constable Girpade explores the contrasting tones of Mumbai with complex crime cases that come to a shocking conclusion in the end, leaving viewers in splits. Keeping up with crime-solving elements, the series will leave viewers to ponder upon what is right and what is wrong! Get ready to tickle your bones with whodunit mysteries and solve intricate cases with Constable Girpade.

Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, Amazon miniTV sharing his thoughts about the series, said, “Constable Girpade is a perfect cop-comedy drama that has the perfect balance of investigations laced with humor, led by Khushaal Pawar as he prepares to win over audiences with his endearing portrayal of Girpade! Saad and his team have done a brilliant job of bringing together an ensemble that is definitely going to give audiences a laughter riot!”

Anuraag Srivastava, CEO, Rainshine Entertainment (India) said, “We’re delighted to join forces with Amazon miniTV for ‘Constable Girpade’. FirstAction studios at Rainshine has consistently captivated audiences with young and contemporary content, and this series is a testament to that. With its intriguing plot, ‘Constable Girpade’ promises a roller-coaster of laughter and suspense that will leave viewers wanting more.”