1st July 2024 New York | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India New York, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, is renowned for its towering skyscrapers and bustling atmosphere. Times Square, a symbolic landmark of the city, is famously illuminated by numerous digital billboards and advertisements, showcasing businesses that operate around the clock. Securing a spot on these billboards is notoriously expensive, reserved for high-profile brands and significant messages.

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Indian business tycoon Ronnie Rodrigues who is also has recently achieved this milestone, features on a Times Square billboard to celebrate a deeply personal occasion. To commemorate his twins, Charles and Caaden’s 10th birthday, and his mother’s 75th birthday, Rodrigues organized a grand celebration in New York. He flew his family, friends, and office staff to the city, marking the special event with a heartfelt message displayed prominently on a brightly lit digital billboard in Times Square.

This gesture stands out, as few Indians have had the honor of featuring on Times Square billboards. Rodrigues’s use of this iconic platform for a non-business purpose is unique, making this celebration a memorable and remarkable moment in his life and in the annals of Times Square history.