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Grand Rapids, MI, 21st June 2024“I find myself continually drawn to unique storytelling,” says Literary Agent Kim Childress. “I appreciate books and art that push traditional genre boundaries, like the unique works and music of Jenna-blue. She crafts inspiring words I want to pull and post on sticky notes around my house for inspiration.”

Jenna-blue’s first book, Made from Scratch, I s a cookbook at its core—but with more than just recipes. It tells a tale of healing through creativity, music, art, friendship, and sharing food.

Running from her life, jenna-blue journeyed across the states to realize much of her trauma kept her from listening to herself and occurred in the kitchen, she decided to tell her story through her friend’s recipes and start her healing by offering herself a weekly cooking challenge. She began asking her friends, “What is your go to recipe for a Potluck party?” Jenna-blue made each recipe, delivered it to friends for feedback, and crafted a non-linear story of her life, told in snippets and stories around the person that shared each recipe. In the process, she discovered what she needs to stay fully nourished. “And it is more than just healthy food,” she says.

The book has a soundtrack of singles and mini albums, with six tracks available now for preview on Spotify. The full album “Choose Again” was released on September 19, 2024, alongside Jenna-blue’s Album Release Performance at Surf Club in Durham, NC. You can find her doodles, musings, upcoming shows and more on her website at