BenQ Launches 540Hz

Mumbai,20th June 2024 BenQ, the leading consumer electronics company, has announced the launch of the ZOWIE XL2586X gaming monitor and the ZOWIE U2 wireless mouse, designed to cater to the evolving needs of professional esports gamers and enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled gaming experience.

The ZOWIE XL2586X gaming monitor sets a new benchmark in the competitive gaming landscape with its advanced DyAc™2 technology and a 540Hz refresh rate, a pioneering feature in the Indian market. ZOWIE’s exclusive DyAc™ 2 technology, paired with the fast refresh rate, significantly improves motion clarity and reduces blur, making it easier for players to track fast-moving objects across the screen.

The XL2586X features a newly developed Fast-TN panel that provides sharp and clear motion, reducing the wash-out effects seen in standard TN panels. This enhancement ensures vivid and accurate colors, crucial for an immersive gaming experience and precise visual feedback. Additionally, the monitor is equipped with an Industrial-grade bearing mechanism, that allows for smooth, precise height adjustment, enabling gamers to maintain a comfortable posture during extended gaming sessions. The XL2586X is more than just a monitor; it is an essential part of a gamer’s arsenal, enabling them to perform at their peak in the competitive arena.

Complementing the XL2586X is the all-new ZOWIE U2 wireless mouse, designed exclusively for competitive esports gamers seeking multi-directional agility and enduring performance. The ZOWIE U2 wireless mouse offers a comfortable grip and precise control during intense gaming sessions. The new symmetrical mouse shape allows for intensive multi-directional and fast movement control. Its side buttons are strategically positioned for easier thumb access. Additionally, the mouse’s enhanced wireless receiver, which conveniently doubles as a charging dock, increases the reception footprint towards the mouse, improving signal quality while reducing interference from the rear.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India and South Asia, stated, “At BenQ, we are dedicated to developing professional-grade gaming monitors and peripherals that empower esports athletes to reach new heights in their gameplay. The XL2586X is our response to the evolving needs of competitive gamers who demand nothing but the best in terms of performance and reliability. With features like our exclusive DyAc™ 2 technology, the XL2586X is tailor-made for esports enthusiasts who require the most precise and immediate response in fast-paced gaming scenarios. The complementary features of the U2 mouse help complete the package. A responsive sensor and an ergonomic, symmetrical design in a body that’s just 60 grams in weight, make it ideal for the fast precise movements gamers need.”

Key features of the ZOWIE XL2586X gaming monitor:

● 540Hz Refresh Rate: First in ZOWIE’s lineup, offering ultra-smooth visuals for an unmatched competitive gaming experience.

● Fast TN Panel –

● DyAc™2 Technology: Advanced technology that enhances motion clarity and significantly reduces blur, ideal for tracking rapid movements.

● Vivid Color Film: Improves color saturation and precision, enhancing visibility and distinction of subtle on-screen details.

● Precise Height Adjustment: Allows precise and easy monitor positioning, ensuring ergonomic comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Key features of the ZOWIE U2 Wireless Mouse:

● Wireless design with enhanced receiver for reliable connection

● Symmetrical shape developed through sports science for optimal FPS gameplay

● Inward-curved sides enabling precise multi-directional control

● 3395 sensor for responsiveness

● Lightweight 60g design for effortless movement

● New mouse skates for smooth gliding

● Included rubber cable for stable wireless charging