They say, ‘Rejection is a part of life.’ While this holds true for all professions, it is an undeniable fact for actors. They often face rejection and failure. While many give up, some choose to push through and achieve their dreams. Actor Anshul Pandey, who recently amazed audiences with his performance in the Watcho Exclusives series ‘Flash,’ opened up about facing rejections, how he handles them, and the biggest lesson he has learned from his acting journey so far, especially during his time on the sets of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. The young actor also revealed whether he ever felt like giving up on his passion for acting.

Talking about managing rejections, Anshul shared, “I don’t dwell on rejection now because it’s something every actor faces more often than getting approvals. But when you do get that approval, that nod, it feels great. One day, someone might not cast me because they think I don’t look right for the part, and the next day, someone might not cast me because they think I look too good for it. But then, someday, they’ll cast me because they think I’m perfect for it. You never really know where things will work out—it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.”

The actor portrays the character of Vansh, a fashion photographer who carries some past baggage that leads to the twists and turns in the Watcho Exclusives series. While Anshul has usually played the boy-next-door in TV shows, he effortlessly played a grey character in Flash.


Discussing him wanting to give up on acting, Anshul said, “Yes, many times. In the entertainment industry, especially for actors, going to set and acting isn’t the only part of the job. There’s another aspect, which is learning to be patient. Firstly, you need patience when auditioning for the right part to come your way. Then, even when you’re on set, like for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, where there were about 20 main cast members, there are fixed times for your shots. So, there are a lot of times when you’re just sitting in your makeup room waiting. I’m someone who’s naturally very impatient, so those initial years taught me a lot about patience. It was tough during those times when I was sitting for hours without getting any shots. But I had to understand that it’s not that nobody cares about me waiting; it just takes time dealing with so many actors and scenes.”

Directed by Shaurya Singh, “Flash” on Watcho Exclusives is a gripping series following Vansh Kundra, a talented portrait photographer, drawn into mystery during a routine shoot with enigmatic Aksha Chauhan. In a lavish yet eerie penthouse, unexpected events challenge Vansh’s reality. Unveiling lies and secrets, “Flash” gradually reveals Aksha’s true identity and sinister forces, keeping viewers enthralled. Available exclusively on the Watcho App, “Flash” delivers a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more.