New Delhi, March 3, 2023: Owing to better living standards and evolving healthcare in India, life expectancy has gone up significantly over the last few decades, resulting in the rise of the elderly population. India has nearly 138 million elderly persons, comprising 67 million males and 71 million females. Also, the proportion of the elderly population in India has increased to 10.1% in 2021 and is further likely to increase to 13.1% in 2031 reveals the ‘Elderly in India 2021’ report. [1]

The years 2021-2030 have been declared by the United Nations as the ‘Decade of Healthy Ageing’. And in the next few decades by approximately 2050, the ageing population in India is set to grow to about 330 million according to the LASI survey. Considering the growing need for geriatric care in India because of several allied factors involved, it is imperative to organise the fragmented elder care ecosystem.

On one hand, the shift in the demographic across the world has accentuated pressure on the already burdened care ecosystem. On the other hand, today, the elderly prefers to age within the comforts of their homes while remaining equally active contributors to their communities and societies. But to age, this way needs handholding which is primarily absent for numerous reasons. Though so many developed countries have started increasingly integrating the private sector into the community and home-based care models for the elderly to reduce the burden on the already stressed public resources, India lacks on this front.

To fill the massive gap in elder care in India, ELDERCARE ( has emerged as a one-stop eldercare service provider with certain standout features. This is a proud partner for the elderly worldwide as it provides a comprehensive range of services for elders and their families. The company, consisting of a group of dedicated veterans, doctors and social work specialists, is committed to providing customised assistance for all the needs of seniors living away from home.

“Eldercare is committed to providing customized assistance for all your problems back home. The company understands the importance of providing trustworthy healthcare and security to our loved ones and is honoured to be able to do so. With a team of dedicated veterans, doctors and social work specialists, the company is committed to providing customized assistance for all the needs of elderly ecosystem,” said Dr A.K Kathuria, MBBS, MD, DHM (U.K), a geriatrician from the eldercare team.

Eldercare offers a wide range of healthcare services, including skilled nursing, administration of medications, medical tests, monitoring of health status, pain management, rehabilitation, and wound care. These services are directed towards bringing meaningful and healthy differences in the quality of life of elders.

In addition to its healthcare services, the company also offers physiotherapy to help overcome physical limitations such as difficulty in walking and problems with balance. Its counselling services are designed to deal with isolation, neglect, boredom and abuse. The company also provides emergency response services for trauma and critical care.

Eldercare also offers illness and hospital care services, including home visits by a psychological counsellor, physiotherapist, dietician, nursing assistant for minor procedures, dental treatment, and ambulatory support. The company provides medical concierge facilities, post-operative/post-trauma rehabilitation, bedridden care, pharmacy support, diagnostic support, and 24/7 emergency support.

The last few years have seen a lot of innovation in the health-tech industry in India. Moreover, to fill the existing gap in elderly care, we need to reinvent to the next level by leveraging technology to offer services such as hospital management systems, doctor discovery, home delivery of medicines, and now, more importantly, home healthcare services.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours. Our elderly population is an asset, and they are a rich source of lived experiences. However, we understand that age comes along with various challenges,” says Mr. Vishwas Tripathi, Chairman, Eldercare.

He also said that “Eldercare” is the pioneer in engaging veteran and ex-army officials in Elderly care services.