New Delhi,21st August 2023 The state of Chhattisgarh could see the ruling Congress party return to power after the Assembly elections this year. An opinion poll for Chhattisgarh by ABP News-CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research) has predicted that the Congress will get a majority in the forthcoming Chhattisgarh Assembly elections, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) projected to give a tough fight.

As per the ABP News-CVoter survey, the Congress is likely to win 48-54 seats with a vote share of 45.6%, while the opposition BJP is likely to win 35-41 seats with a vote share of 41.1%. There is no other major party in the fray, and Others are likely to win 0-3 seats with a vote share of 13.3%.

ABP News-CVoter Opinion

During the ABP News-CVoter survey conducted in Chhattisgarh, the respondents were asked about the most important issues people are facing in Chhattisgarh and the country. In response, 30.3% respondents listed unemployment as the most important issue, while 26.4% said rising prices was the biggest issue, followed by poverty (9.7%), corruption (7.8%), education system (2.2%), women security (2%), communal tension (1.8%) and other/local issues (19.8%).

One of the questions was also about their preferred choice for the Chief Minister post. While 48.8% of the people favoured current CM Bhupesh Baghel (INC), with 46.3% saying they were ‘very much satisfied’ and 31.5% ‘satisfied to some extent’ with his performance. While 23.7% said BJP’s Raman Singh was their top choice, current Deputy Chief Minister TS Singh Deo (INC) had 13% rooting for him. Only 1.2% favoured BJP’s Ramesh Bais, but over 13% voted for ‘Others’ as their preferred choice for CM.

When asked how satisfied the people of Chhattisgarh are with the performance of the Baghel government, 42.5% respondents said they are ‘very much satisfied’, 34% said they are ‘satisfied to some extent’ and 22.8% said they are ‘not at all satisfied’.

On the question of how satisfied the people of Chhattisgarh are with the performance of the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 47.1% respondents said that they are ‘very much satisfied’, while 36.1% said that they are ‘satisfied to some extent’; 15.6% said that they are ‘not at all satisfied’ with the work done by the central government.

When asked how satisfied they are with PM Modi’s performance, 64.2% respondents said they are ‘very much satisfied’, 15.7% said they are ‘satisfied to some extent’, and 15.1% said they are ‘not at all satisfied’.

ABP News-CVoter also carried out a Snap Poll in Chhattisgarh, and as per the findings, 66.5% BJP supporters think the party’s decision to announce candidates for 21 seats much before the elections is right, while 47.7% Congress voters and 56% ‘Others’ also think it is a right decision.  Over 22% BJP voters and 35.2% Congress supporters think the decision is wrong.

Asked if the BJP had besieged CM Baghel in a personal fight by fielding his nephew Vijay Baghel against him, 53.3% BJP voters, 36.4% Congress voters and 48.8% ‘Others’ said ‘Yes’ in reply. The answer from 36.1% BJP supporters, 50.9% Congress supporters and 41.9% ‘Others’ was a ‘No’.

ABP News-CVoter conducted a Snap Poll in election-bound Madhya Pradesh too. The questions asked were if the BJP’s decision to announce candidates for 39 seats much before the elections is right or wrong, and if the ruling party has taken an early lead with this decision. Replying to the first question, 63.2% BJP voters, 32.7% Congress voters and 43.9% ‘Others’ said ‘Yes’. The corresponding figures for ‘No’ were 23.2%, 44.9%, and 35.6%, respectively. In reply to the second question, 50.2% BJP voters, 23.2% Congress voters and 38.9% ‘Others’ said ‘yes’, and 41.8% BJP voters, 73.7% INC voters and 48.1% ‘Others’ said ‘No’.


This poll is based on CVoter Pre Poll personal interviews (Face to Face) conducted among 18+ adults statewide and represents all segments.

Time frame: 18 July to 19 August

Sample Size of Opinion Poll (Seat Range and Vote Share – Chhattisgarh): 7,679 respondents

Sample size of Snap Poll (Chhattisgarh): 1,761

LS Seats Covered: 11

VS Seats Covered: 90

Sample size of Snap Poll (Madhya Pradesh): 1,964

Margin of Error (state level): .+_/_- 3%

Margin of Error (regional level): .+_/_- 5%

Confidence Level: 95%