Sattvik Certifications Founder

New Delhi,20th November 2023: – Sattvik Certifications is pleased to announce that its founder, Mr. Abhishek Biswas, was invited to participate as a distinguished panelist at an event discussing “The Importance of Food Awareness” held on November 16, 2023, at Le Meridien, New Delhi. The event was from 12:30 pm onwards.

The event, organized to shed light on the critical role of food awareness and education in preventive healthcare, featured Mr. Biswas as a key speaker. His session, titled “Preventive Healthcare: Explore how food awareness and education contribute to preventive healthcare. How can a well-balanced diet reduce the risk of chronic diseases?” delved into the crucial aspects of maintaining good health through informed dietary choices.

The esteemed panel included industry leaders and experts committed to promoting health and well-being: Ashwin Bhadri – CEO, Equinox Lab, Pawan Agrawal – CEO, Food Future Foundation (former CEO, FSSAI), Dr. Manan Vora – Health and Wellness Influencer, Revant Himatsingka – Health and Wellness Influencer (famous for Bournevita sugar content exposure), Dr. Aditi Hooda Sangwan – Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Shubhank Singh – Medanta Doctor, and Chahat Aggarwal – Poorna Satya CEO

The event provided a platform for these luminaries to share insights on preventive healthcare and the integral role of food awareness in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

“Mr. Abhishek Biswas, a prominent figure in the industry, extends heartfelt congratulations to “Poorna Satya” for their commendable efforts in promoting a vision aligned with Sattvik Certifications. Emphasizing the crucial role played by Sattvik Certifications, Mr. Biswas highlighted their significant contributions in bridging industry gaps through comprehensive Food Safety Management and Supply Chain Management. Notably, he praised the certification’s role in providing Labelling Clarity, effectively distinguishing between Vegetarian, Vegan, and Jain products—an invaluable service to discerning consumers.”

To add more to it “Mr. Biswas underscored the pivotal point that, unfortunately, the importance of balanced nutrition and the right food combinations has been overlooked in educational curricula since adolescence. He acknowledged Sattvik Certifications for addressing this gap and playing a vital role in promoting healthier eating habits. In particular, Mr. Biswas commended Poorna Satya for its dedication to creating consumer awareness regarding nutritional values. He expressed appreciation for the brand’s commitment to making consumers more conscious of their food choices and the profound impact these choices have on their lifestyle.”

Poorna Satya’s proactive approach in fostering a culture of nutritional awareness aligns seamlessly with Mr. Biswas’ vision for a healthier and more informed society.