Kolkata, 17th June 2024: A State-of-the-art Fashion Show is poised to grace Rome, showcasing the pinnacle of Indian design, craftsmanship, and innovation. This landmark event, organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, marks a historic collaboration between Indian designers, jewellers, and leather brand manufacturers, and the discerning fashion connoisseurs of Italy.

The event promises to be a convergence of creativity and elegance, as leading Indian designers unveil their latest collections alongside renowned jewellers and leather artisans. With over 130 esteemed Italian fashion enthusiasts in attendance, the stage is set to showcase the finest in Indian fashion, textiles, jewellery, and leather accessories. This event represents the highest form of B2B interaction and serves as a unique expo on an international scale for the textile, leather, and jewellery industries.

This initiative serves as a beacon of Indo-Italian collaboration, aiming to foster stronger business ties and promote cultural exchange between the two nations. By providing a platform for Indian artisans to showcase their expertise to an international audience, the event aims to open new avenues for collaboration and trade between India and Italy.

The Fashion Show represents a unique opportunity to explore the vast potential of the Indo-Italian fashion industry, highlighting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of both nations. From intricately woven textiles to exquisitely crafted jewellery and leather accessories, the event promises to captivate audiences and inspire new partnerships.

As India continues to emerge as a global hub for fashion and design, the collaboration with Italy, renowned for its unparalleled sense of style and craftsmanship, holds immense promise for both countries. The Fashion Show aims to catalyse this partnership, fostering mutual growth and prosperity in the fashion and luxury sectors.

With representatives appointed in 14 countries worldwide, the Indian Chamber of Commerce will now continue to be a leading advocate for global commerce, facilitating partnerships and opportunities across borders. For Italy, Mr. Vas Shenoy is our representative.

This event promises to be a pivotal moment for businesses looking to expand their horizons beyond their domestic domain in today’s dynamic economic landscape.