28th June 2024  New Delhi, Delhi, India Specialty coffee brand 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters opens two new shop-in-shop outlets on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in collaboration with multinational snack giant Bikanervala. These two strategically located outlets with this fusion concept, aim at offering their customers the best gourmet coffee from 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters and with traditional Indian flavors from Bikanervala.

93 Degrees Coffee

Thrilled at the launch of these two new outlets, Mishthi Aggarwal, CEO, 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters said, “This collaboration between 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters and Bikanervala offers a unique ambiance where patrons can enjoy high-quality specialty coffee alongside authentic Indian sweets and snacks. Additionally, the outlet’s location on a highway makes it a perfect pitstop for travelers, providing a refreshing break with a diverse menu.”

The new outlets offer a wide range of coffee options to cater to various tastes and preferences. Customers can enjoy classic choices such as Espresso, Cold Brew, Cafe Latte, and traditional Cappuccino. For those who prefer a more indulgent treat, there’s a selection of Frappe flavors. Coffee enthusiasts can also savor manually brewed options like Aeropress and Pour-Over, ensuring a specialty coffee experience for all.

93 Degrees Coffee Roasters store size is designed to accommodate a comfortable seating area for customers, providing an inviting atmosphere for both quick stops and longer breaks. Meanwhile, this shop-in-shop model will allow both 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters and Bikanervala to leverage each other’s strengths. For 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters, partnering with Bikanervala will allow the brand to have access to an established customer base and high footfall, especially from those who are already fans of Bikanervala’s offerings.

On this launch, Shyam Sunder Aggarwal, Managing director, Bikanervala foods Pvt Ltd added, “We are excited to open our doors to 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters. For Bikanervala, this integration with 93 Degrees Coffee Roaster’s specialty coffee options will enhance our product range, attracting coffee enthusiasts and creating a more comprehensive culinary experience. This model also optimizes space and reduces operational costs. Our location is our big USP and this collaboration I am sure will help both the brands reach a wider customer base.”

The strategic location on the crucial corridor connecting two major metropolitan cities is perhaps a big draw for both the brands. This high-visibility, high-traffic route attracts a diverse mix of travelers, offering a convenient stop for commuters, tourists, and transporters. By positioning on this busy expressway, 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters and Bikanervala can capitalize on the steady flow of potential customers, ensuring consistent footfall and enhancing brand exposure, while providing quality refreshments and a comfortable rest stop for travelers.

This expansion by 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters emphasizes their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The innovative partnership with Bikanervala is a step towards creating a unique dining and coffee experience, bridging modern coffee culture with traditional Indian flavors. Known for its great quality always, 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters will continue to implement regular quality checks and audits, and also utilize technology to monitor the brewing process and ensure quality and consistency.

Stores Location at Delhi-Mumbai Expressway –

1. Block 3B, KM Stone 172 + 550 LHS Village-Dhingariya & Dhanawad 303004 Dausa

2. Block 3B, KM Stone 172 + 550 RHS Village-Dhingariya & Dhanawad 303004 Dausa