MEDLEYMED SMARTZ ERP offers end-to-end solutions, bring about operational efficiencies & faster ROI for pharmacies!

Hyderabad, February 13th, 2023: MedleyMed – India’s largest digital platform for pharmacy businesses and virtual patient care solutions; announced the launch of a Retail Pharmacy Software and Pharmacy Point of Sale System MedleyMed SmartZ ERP. The SmartZ ERP renders end-to-end solutions for pharmacies thereby bringing about operational efficiencies for pharmacies, be it single stores or pharmacy chains. The ERP solution enables faster ROI for entrepreneurs.

The cloud-based digital solution, MedleyMed SmartZ simplifies the management of pharmacy businesses and empowers to perform secure operations. The 360-degree services offered by the platform encompasses Inventory management, Customer management including Billing, Expiry management, Invoice management, Product pricing, Vendor management, and Financial Reporting among others. To enhance easy access to customers, a dedicated e-commerce-based website for the Pharmacy Store is part of the ERP plan.

SmartZ ERP is a comprehensive solution for pharmacies to maintain and manage in-store and online inventory from a single platform. It gives a gateway to the web storefront to display products online and take online customer orders as well. All the products from the pharmacy are displayed online for customers with real-time inventory status.

SmartZ ERP will help increase sales and cut costs of the pharmacy, thus giving the much-needed push in the competitive landscape. It will reduce the time required for performing in-store activities and will streamline supply chain functions like inventory and order management. It also comes with fully functional modules for accounting and working capital management which will result in greater cost savings and increased profitability for the business.

SmartZ ERP provides a simple and efficient way to manage the expiry of the product in a pharmacy. It creates expiry reports and sends notifications for expired products so that the pharmacist enables timely returns to the suppliers. This will ensure that the pharmacy gets return value for all the expired items and do not suffer losses.

SmartZ ERP runs smoothly on mobile and tablet devices, allowing the pharmacist to manage the shop from just about anywhere. This eliminates the need to visit the store to handle the business. All functions can be carried out while on the move.

SmartZ ERP has inbuilt modules and features to enhance customer follow-up experience. The pharmacy can use email and SMS communication about customers’ upcoming medicine requirements based on their purchases. The pharmacy can enable reward points for customers too. The complete module strives to enable customer delight and a happy shopping experience.

Indian Society of Vascular & Interventional Radiology annual conference showcased innovative procedures!

Hyderabad, February 13th, 2023: The four-day prestigious 23rd Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (ISVIR); concluded, today at Novotel Hotel – HICC. The Society, which commemorated its Silver Jubilee this year, commenced its operations with 28 founder members and has currently over 1300 Interventional Radiology specialists as members from across the country.

Dr. Suyash Kulkarni, President, ISVIR; Dr. Balaji Patel Kola, Vice-President, ISVIR; Dr. Ajith Yadav, Secretary, ISVIR; Dr. Arvind Gupta, Past Secretary, ISVIR; Dr. Abhishek Chauhan, Executive Member, ISVIR and Dr. Dheeraj Tiwari, Executive Member, ISVIR; shared interesting insights from the Conference, with the media. Interventional Radiology is the most promising and evolving specialty, transforming medical care through minimally invasive procedures, for most of the simplest and most complex ailments needing traditional critical and life-threatening surgeries. The specialty has made enormous progress in ensuring minimally invasive care, speedy recovery and quick return to regular routine of patients.

Dr. Balaji Patel Kola said, the Conference showcased some innovative interventional radiology procedures including Prostatic artery embolization, Genicular artery embolization, and Liver tumor microwave ablation. Prostatic artery embolization is performed for benign prostatic hypertrophy in elderly males. It helps curb enlargement and shrinks the prostate, thus providing symptomatic relief, with very less side effects and almost no recovery time. Genicular artery embolization in osteoarthritis of the knee is performed to delay the disease progression, it enables long-term pain relief and lessens the dependency of pain medication in all patients. For Liver tumor microwave ablation, interventional radiology helps to delineate the tumor, remove the lesion causing necrosis, and eventually helps to recover without performing surgery, chemo or radiation therapies.

Dr. Ajith Yadav said, over a thousand delegates from India and abroad attended the Conference and eminent faculty from India and 13 other countries imparted knowledge to the delegates on the latest developments. The Conference had more than 30 sessions and 250 scientific lectures. We conducted 30 workshops to train young doctors on various techniques.

Dr. Abhishek Chauhan said, while everyone knows Radiology as a mode to diagnose disease, however not many in India are familiar with Interventional Radiology. Over a period, Radiology has evolved from being a diagnostic tool, into an efficient mode of treatment as well. Since Interventional Radiology is minimally invasive, the duration of hospitalization is drastically reduced and the treatment outcomes are exceptionally good, thus providing the best possible care to the patients.

Dr. Dheeraj Tiwari said, Interventional Radiology offers multiple pinhole procedures to treat different ailments like cancers, prevent bleeding and other diseases, and serves as an alternative to surgeries.

Interventional Radiology, a subspecialty of radiology, uses image guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures. Some of these procedures are done for purely diagnostic purposes like Angiography, while others are done for treating patients. Improvements in imaging techniques and their wider availability over a period played a major part in the growth of Interventional Radiology in India. The Specialty has seen exponential growth in recent years and all hospitals and institutions claiming to provide comprehensive care, have Intervention radiology as an integral part of their services. The annual number of procedures performed countrywide has grown from under 5,000 in 1999 to more than a lakh in the last year. The number of centers performing these procedures has grown exponentially from 8 institutions at the time of inception of the Indian society to over 500 today.

The Indian Vascular and Interventional Radiology professionals perform state-of-the-art techniques on par with the best Centers in the world and participate in cutting-edge experimental and clinical research. The Interventional Radiology techniques include cardiovascular, hepato-biliary, Genito-urinary, neurological, abdominal and musculoskeletal systems.

The Society has been proactively working on developing and promoting indigenous devices as part of the make in India program, to reduce the financial burden on Indian patients and make Interventional radiology cost-effective.

As Interventional Radiology is a relatively new specialty, awareness among patients is dismally low, despite its overwhelming benefits. This lack of awareness about Interventional Radiology is leading to patients opt for conventional, often complex surgeries, despite the access to friendly minimally invasive treatments, Interventional radiology enables. With an increasing number of Interventional Radiology specialists available across the Country, patients can directly consult interventional radiologists for non-surgical minimally invasive treatments of their ailments.

Delhi’s Pragati Maidan witnessed huge crowd on the 2nd Day of AMRITPEX-2023, a National Philatelic Exhibition

New Delhi, 13th February 2023:The second day of AMRITPEX-2023, the Maha Kumbh of stamp collection witnessed a footfall of hundreds of philatelists from all walks of life, in the majority of which consisted of youngsters and students in and around NCR.

The visitors were seen taking a keen interest in stamps that were being displayed on 1400 frames in Hall No. 5 of Pragati Maidan New Delhi, the cynosure of which were stamps on Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, and Netaji Subhash. Stamps on Ramayana, Buddha, Flora & Fauna, and places of historical significance were largely appreciated by those that visited the second-day philately show.

Keeping in view the interest of youngsters and students, India Post specially organized workshops and symposia on story and letter writing including quizzes and other competitive activities organized during the occasion for philatelists’ enthusiasts. A student representing a leading school in New Delhi called Amit Goyal described the exhibition as one of the brilliant ideas through which the younger generation got acquainted with the art of philately. The other student Sushma Tripathi narrated her experience of the exhibition simply as “exhilarating”.

However, AMRITPEX-2023 being organized by India Post commenced with the launch of commemorative postal stamps on NARI SHAKTI and BRIDALCOSTUMES of India here at the Pragati Maidan New Delhi. The launch depicted the socio-cultural trends of the era of the stamps and bridal costumes released on the occasion.

The release of commemorative stamps and bridal costumes happened in the presence of Padmashri Smt Shovana Narayan noted Kathak Dancer that chaired the session in association with Mr. Alok Sharma, Director General Department of Post, Ms. Smita Kumar, Additional Director General, Department of Post and Smt Manju Kumar, Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Alok Sharma, Director General Department of Post reminded the audience of the history of DAK GHAR (post office) which would mean that its human resources would never consider it as an office and rather deem it as its own GHAR. Chaired the session Padma Shri Smt. Shovana Narayan emphasized that the release of commemorative stamps and bridal costumes represented in them the immense diversity that India has been enjoying and enduring for hundreds of years.

It was unanimously felt that the stamps released on various occasions irrespective of their timings represented the cultural and social heritage of India and as well depict in them its heritage.

The second session that followed in the AMRITPEX 2023 concentrated on Superwoman Syndrome – A new age dilemma in the presence of Indian Kathak Dancer Padmashri Smt. Shovana Narayan. Among other distinguished panelists included Ms. Reema Bhatia, Associate Professor Sociology Miranda House, Ms. Avani Lekhara, Indian Paralympian &Rifle Shooter, Ms. Vandita Kaul, Chief Postmaster General Himachal Pradesh, Ms. Archana Varma, Mission Director National Water Mission, Jal Shakti Ministry and Mr. Yogesh – CEO and founder Even Cargo. The panel felt that Superwoman syndrome is acquired when each person follows his and her passion and implements it with full purpose of sincerity and commitment.

However, in the Indian context, women in every era, be it in the past and even presently, are required and require visibility for the role that they played because most Indian women, despite their diligent and consistent work and performance her role, was barely acknowledged in the traditional context. This mindset has to go so that equity and justness prevail in the society to recognize the work the women have been performing.

In order to make sure that the proceedings of AMRITPEX are understood and comprehended by deaf and muted students, a facility of interpretation was organized at the event to ensure the convenience of the students.

Benefits of DigiLocker Services to the Fintech Sector

By Mr. Amar Deo Singh, Head Advisory, Angel One Ltd

India’s fintech space is divided into five segments – payments that include QR payment, bill payment, and other aggregator services; lending includes buy now, pay later, and lending platforms, thirdly there are digital banking platforms, insurance platforms, and wealth management platforms enabling investments and AI-based advisory services. To gain access to any of these financial services, people need to submit identity proofs, and it is a must for these platforms to verify the identity details submitted during the onboarding process. Over the years, Fintech platforms have simplified the KYC process to enhance customer experience. However, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement during the Union Budget 2023-24 to provide Fintech platforms access to documents in DigiLocker to authenticate users is a game-changer.

Aligned with its Digital India mission, the Indian government has facilitated the growth of Fintech in the country by providing access to other digital public infrastructure like Aadhaar, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, Video KYC, UPI, etc. As a result, the Indian fintech industry is predicted to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2025.

Paytm leadership strengthens with 6.1 mn devices, MTU hits 89 million

Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of mobile and QR payments, has announced its business operating performance for January 2023. The company continues to reign the market in offline payments with 6.1 million merchants now paying subscriptions for payment devices, while MTU stood at 89 million, registering a robust growth of 29% Y-o-Y. Paytm registered a consistent growth in total merchant payments value. The total merchant GMV processed through the platform in January aggregated to ₹1.2 Lakh Cr ($15 billion), marking a Y-o-Y growth of 44%.

The company’s loan distribution business, in partnership with top lenders, continues to witness accelerated growth with disbursements growing 327% Y-o-Y. Loans worth ₹3,928 Cr were disbursed in the month of January. The number of loans grew 103% y-o-y to 3.9 million for the month of January.

EaseMyTrip becomes the Associate Sponsor for Chennai Blitz

Mumbai, 13th February 2023:, one of India’s largest online tech travel platforms, has announced that it has clinched the status of being the associate sponsor for the SPP Group-owned Chennai Blitz in the Prime Volleyball League. The Chennai Blitz team represents the sporting sentiments of the charismatic city of Chennai and is one of the eight state-based teams in the premier professional men’s indoor volleyball league in India.

Prime Volleyball League is an upcoming professional Volleyball League and an initiative of Baseline Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. The League aims to transform the sporting landscape of the country by elevating the worldʼs fifth most popular sport to the league of the most followed sports in the coming times.

Under this association, EaseMyTrip’s logo will be emblazoned on the team’s jersey shorts on shoulder, signifying the associate sponsorship. The brand logo of EaseMyTrip will also be displayed in other team engagement activities and commercial exercises, including the official training kits and the team’s marketing and communications collaterals and properties like the website and other online traction tools. The indoor stadium will also carry the EaseMyTrip logo banner. This association will get EaseMyTrip’s reach to million plus fans.

Speaking on the development, Rikant Pittie, CEO & Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip said, “Volleyball embodies the purely dynamic spirit of net sport. The electrifying crowds and the to-and-fro action around the net has the potential to captivate the attention of thousands of volleyball fans around India. We are proud to be associated with the Chennai Blitz team in the 2023 edition, and we hope to stick around with them as they sizzle in their elegant shade of yellow and orange and play out long rallies that result in wins. We aspire to get legions of fans visiting our website and bolster our brand visibility through this association, and we sternly believe that our traction will be optimized.”

Excited about the association, Vikrant Reddy, Co-Owner of Chennai Blitz said, “We are looking for a long-term association with our sponsors and this can be taken forward to the upcoming seasons”

P C Hanimi Reddy, Co-Owner of Chennai Blitz, added, “We are pleased to have EaseMyTrip as our Associate sponsor for Chennai Blitz this season’’

On the roster this year, the team in shades of yellow and orange was able to get international players like Brazilian attacker Renato Mendes and outside hitter Moyo Audran from Cameroon, in addition to Indian players like Jobin Varghese, Raman Kumar, and Tushar Laware. The captain of the team is Naveen Raja Jacob. The team is being coached and mentored by Ruben Adrian Wolochin and Juan Jose Colucci. The relentless tenacity of Chennai will be on full display when the team plays this season.

The first season of the league will see 8 teams playing in Kochi, and will be broadcasted on Sony Six, Sony Ten3, Sony Ten4 and the online platform Sony Liv (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu).

This Valentine fall in love over again with Twinx Creation

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Twinx Creations, a bespoke premier gifting company, has everything you need to make your loved one feel special. From customized balloon bouquets to luxury hampers, Twinx Creations has a wide range of options to choose from that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Balloons are a timeless symbol of love and are a great way to surprise your sweetheart. Twinx Creations offers a range of balloons in different shapes, sizes, and colors, including heart-shaped balloons, foil balloons, and even balloons with messages.

For those who are looking for a more luxurious option, Twinx Creations also offers a range of luxury hampers. These hampers come packed with high-quality products such as premium chocolates, flowers, and customized messages. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift for your spouse or a thoughtful gesture for your friends, Twinx Creations hampers are a perfect choice.

In addition to balloons and hampers, Twinx Creations also offers a range of personalized and customized gifts that are sure to be treasured. From scented candles and flower bouquets to photo frames and chocolates, this bespoke gifting experience has something for everyone.

Not only does the Twinx team offers a wide range of high-quality products, it is also committed to give exceptional customer service. Their team of experts will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you need help selecting the right balloons or hampers, or if you have any questions about their products and services, the Twinx team is always ready to help.

To make your Valentine’s Day shopping experience as smooth and convenient as possible, Twinx Creations offers early and hassle free shipping on all orders.

With so many options to choose from, Twinx Creations is the perfect destination for anyone looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, Twinx creations have everything you need to make your loved one feel special. So why wait? Visit Twinx Creations Instagram handle (@twinxcreation) today, contact them for the options, and make it a memorable day for your loved ones by choosing from our wide selection of unique and meaningful gifts.

Quotes on inauguration of new section of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway by PM today

Ravi Nirwal, Sales Director and Principal Partner, North India, Square Yards

The opening of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway will have a multiplier effect on real estate not only in the Sohna-Dausa stretch but also in the whole of Gurugram. Sohna has been a core hub of both residential and commercial development for some time now, with the expansion of Gurugram. This new expressway will unlock the full potential of the region and trigger a spurt in real estate developments and create Sohna as a multi-utility residential corridor. It will bring tangible growth by providing a solid blueprint for developing housing projects, townships, and business hubs. While easing congestion and providing easy connectivity with nearby states, the region will witness a surge in housing demand and price appreciation of existing and upcoming residential projects. Luxury real estate is pegged to earn the highest dividends as luxe individual floors and villas are in high demand in Sohna. With time, Sohna will be able to compete with the likes of the cyber hub, golf course road, and golf course extension road as the preferred residential address for budding homebuyers and emerge as the fastest-growing realty destination in the coming years.

Arvind Rai, Director, Valuation Services, Colliers India

“The operationalization of the Gurgaon – Dausa stretch of the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway this month which will further be extended to Mumbai later on, can potentially change the landscape of Sohna Town. It will not only reduce the commute time but will also give the required impetus to various economic drivers like industries, warehousing & logistics which in turn generate demand drivers for residential, commercial, and retail sectors. The Gurgaon – Dausa stretch passing through Sohna can potentially change the growth nodes of Gurgaon. It will not be surprising if Sohna emerges as the most significant satellite town of Gurgaon”

Mr. Saransh Trehan, managing director, Trehan Group

Sohna’s advantage is its strategic location, it is well connected to multiple expressways and various parts of Gurgaon and the national capital region. This new expressway will further boost its connectivity.

Lower property prices compared to most of the other micro-market in Gurugram made Sohna a go-to destination for many home buyers in the last few years. Luxury independent floors, plots and independent houses have emerged as the sought-after property option for home buyers.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder, and Chairman, of Signature Global (India) Ltd said

Opening up of the Sohna-Dausa stretch of the Delhi–Mumbai expressway will add a new dimension to Gurugram real estate, especially Sohna market. Sohna is already a developing market and the new expressway will attract investments and enhance demand for real estate both residential and commercial.

As of now, this micro-market provides an excellent opportunity for those looking for affordable and mid-segment housing options in Gurgaon and NCR. We expect demand to improve further.

Formula E and Tata Communications Announce Multi-year Collaboration

Mumbai, INDIA & London, UK. 13TH Feb 2023 – Formula E and Tata Communications have today announced a strategic multi-year relationship with the global comm tech company becoming the Official Broadcast Distribution Provider to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

The new agreement will see Tata Communications deliver high-definition, high-resolution, and high-speed live broadcast content to viewers around the world as part of Formula E’s new remote broadcast production of live races, reducing the environmental impact typical of major live international sports events on TV.

Tata Communications’ technologically advanced, software-defined media edge platform will deliver more than 160 live video and audio signals from Formula E races across continents within milliseconds, using 26 media edge locations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The new super-fast race broadcast distribution will be supported by Tata Communications’ specially trained experts, providing round-the-clock global end-to-end managed services at all 16 races this season. Tata Communications and Formula E are also working together to further enrich experiences for motorsport fans with innovation and efficiency.

Today, Tata Communications will be making history with Formula E as the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship races in India for the first time. Viewers around the world follow the action live as 22 drivers from 11 teams including Mahindra Racing, Jaguar TCS Racing, Maserati MSG Racing, and NEOM McLaren Formula E Team compete in the 2023 Greenko Hyderabad E-Prix.

Jamie Reigle, CEO, Formula E, said:

“Formula E is an intense tour given its on-the-go nature. Tata Communications’ support over the years has enabled state-of-the-art remote production possible, with real-time TV signal transmissions from the race venues to our broadcast center in London and finally to the audience’s screens. Thus, bringing down multiple logistical challenges, driving cost efficiencies, travel flexibilities for our employee, especially women, and reducing emissions.”

A.S Lakshminarayanan, MD and CEO, Tata Communications, said:

“There are 85 cameras capturing the event for over 400 million people watching all over the world. To be able to facilitate that truly speaks about the power of internet that we have been able to leverage, with our dedicated media cloud and edge computing capabilities. And apart from our long-standing partnership with FIA, we extend the services to multiple major sporting leagues across the world.”

Note to Editors:

  •  Tata Communications’ sustainable remote production solution will transmit and transfer live racing action from over 85 camera feeds and audio channels on each racetrack to Formula E’s central remote production hub in the UK.
  •  The repackaged feeds are distributed to global rights-holding broadcasters and digital platforms leveraging Tata Communications’ global edge infrastructure.
  •  Tata Communications’ media edge cloud is capable of enabling very low latency video processing from any venue using first-mile internet while processing and distributing the video signals to any platform globally with high availability.
  •  Offered as a fully-managed service, the availability of edge capability at the venue allows businesses to add a wide variety of digital services such as providing high-performance data tunnels over a secure connection to help with real-time data enrichment for a better viewing experience.

Kfin Technologies Continues Positive

Hyderabad, February 11, 2023: KFin Technologies Limited announced its financial results for the quarter and nine months that ended 31st December 2022 today.

Financial Highlights – Q3FY23

  •  Revenue from operations stood at ₹ 1,881.3 million, up 12.1% Y-o-Y and 5.0% Q-o-Q
  •  EBITDA stood at ₹ 807.0 million, up 9.1% Y-o-Y and 13.6% Q-o-Q, EBITDA margin at 42.9%
  •  PAT at ₹ 533.8 million, up 78.6% Y-o-Y and 11.4% Q-o-Q, PAT margin at 28.4%
  •  Diluted EPS stood at ₹ 3.15, up 70.5% Y-o-Y and 11.3% Q-o-Q

Financial Highlights – 9MFY23

  •  Revenue from operations stood at ₹ 5,368.9 million, growth of 17.1% Y-o-Y
  •  EBITDA stood at ₹ 2,142.0 million, up 4.9% Y-o-Y, EBITDA margin at 39.9%
  •  PAT at ₹ 1,387.2 million, up 42.0% Y-o-Y, PAT margin at 25.8%
  •  Cash and cash equivalents at ₹ 2,288 million as on Dec 31, 2022
  •  Diluted EPS stood at ₹ 8.20, up 29.4% Y-o-Y


Q3FY23 Business Highlights

  •  Overall AAUM1 growth at 8.5% Y-o-Y compared to 5.4% Y-o-Y growth for the industry
  •  Equity AAUM growth at 12.8% Y-o-Y compared to 12.4% Y-o-Y growth for the industry
  •  Overall AAUM’s market share is at 31.7%; Equity AAUM market share stable at 35.0%
  •  SIP inflows of ₹ 167 billion at lifetime high, up 18.6% Y-o-Y; 42% market share in December 2022
  •  Won our first client in Canada to provide fund administration services
  •  Won one new mutual fund mandate in India in Feb – 23: Old Bridge Capital Management
  •  Added 128 corporate clients under issuer solutions; 49.0% market share2 in NSE 500 companies
  •  Added 47 AIF funds; 33% market share3
  •  Added 36,035 NPS subscribers; 7.0% market share4; 11.3% market share5 on new subscriber base


Commenting on the company’s performance, Sreekanth Nadella, Managing Director and CEO, Kevin Technologies Limited said, “We have closed the quarter and nine months period ended December 31, 2022, with satisfactory performance across all business segments. Despite volatile market conditions, KFin registered strong business outcomes driven by accelerated growth across our diversified businesses. The business performance validates our globally relevant asset management administrator strategy.

Our technology-led innovation & execution to address our client needs, deep product stack, and value-added solutions have helped us to add new clients across segments. As we move forward, we will leverage our differentiated strengths across local and global asset management solutions to add value to our clients, partners, and shareholders”.

“We continue to enjoy market leadership positions across a number of different parameters in our businesses” he added.

KEY FIGURE                                                                                                                                                        ₹ Million

  Q3 FY23 Q2 FY23 Q3 FY22 9M FY23 9M FY22 FY22
Revenues 1,881.3 1,792.3 1,677.5 5,368.9 4,586.6 6,395.1
EBITDA 807.0 710.7 739.5 2,142.0 2,041.1 2,878.5
EBITDA margin % 42.9% 39.7% 44.1% 39.9% 44.5% 45.0%
Profit After Tax 533.8 479.2 298.9 1,387.2 976.9 1,485.5
Profit after tax % 28.4% 26.7% 17.8% 25.8% 21.3% 23.2%
Diluted EPS (₹)* 3.15 2.83 1.85 8.20 6.34 9.36

*Not annualized

(1) Last quarter average for domestic mutual funds; (2) As on December 31, 2022, based on market capitalization; (3) As on December 31, 2022, based on no of AIFs registered with SEBI;

(4) As on December 31, 2022, based on the overall subscribers base; (5) During Q3FY23, based on new subscriber additions